Valle dei Forni (Forni Valley)

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Valle dei Forni (Forni Valley)

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The Valle dei Forni: the mountain pastures Forno, Casarsa, Vegessa, Artino, Varrone

Along the family-friendly muletrack which goes up the Varrone torrent, in a hour and a half you reach the mountain pastures Forno, Casarsa and Vegessa. Going up on the right, passing through Casarsa, in half an hour you can reach Barconcelli. If you continue on the muletrack you can reach Artino and Varrone.

Distance and difference in level

Premana – Vegessa. Ascent: 300 m. Length: 4 km. Difficulty level: T.
Premana – Barconcelli. Ascent: 400 m. Length: 5 km. Difficulty level: T.
Premana – Artino. Ascent: 400 m. Length: 6 km. Difficulty level: T.

PS: The downloadable track continues up to Pizzo Tre Signori. The mountain pastures of the Forno valley are about halfway.

Premana – Ristoro Giabi
The route follows the military muletrack which starts from the valley floor, nearby the industrial area. After 1 km you can already find the first “ristoro”: Giabi. If you want to start on foot from the village you can reach the same muletrack by taking the path which starts at the end of via Risorgimento and passes by Ristoro Gebio.   Ristoro Giabi

Ristoro Giabi

Mountain pastures in the Valle dei Forni: Casarsa, Forno, Vegessa, Barconcelli
After having walked an hour and a half, the valley opens up and you reach the mountain pastures of mountains pasture of Forno, Casarsa e Vegessa (where you can find the second “ristoro”: Peter). If you want to continue there are different possibilities: on the right you can go up the valley of Barconcelli, a mountain pasture known for its abundance of water (which is used to operate the cableway for the transport of food and material needs).   Ponte Barconcelli premana

The path for Barconcelli

Alpe Varrone and Malga Artino
Further on, always on the right side of the valley, you can take the path for Artino: in about an hour you arrive at Malga Artino, a rustic alpine hut where you can enjoy a typical meal. Further on along the valley you can reach the historical refuge Casera Vecchia di Varrone and Santa Rita. Ristoro Malga Artino

Ristoro Malga Artino

Alpeggio Varrone

Casera Vecchia refuge in Varrone

Rifugio S. Rita

S. Rita Refuge