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Pizzo Tre Signori

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Pizzo Tre Signori starting from Premana or from Paglio. Tour of the Bitto lakes.

In the iron valley, the route follows the Varrone up to its springs and it continues towards the summit of Pizzo Tre Signori. The route follows the military muletrack, which starts at the bottom of Premana, nearby the industrial area, up to the Bocchetta di Trona. Then it continues towards the summit of Pizzo Tre Signori. On the way back you can opt for the tour of the “Bitto lakes”. Another route to reach the summit of Pizzo Tre Signori starts from Paglio and it continues passing by Santa Rita.

Distance and difference in level

Premana – Pizzo Tre Signori. Ascent: 1700 m. Length: 14 km. Difficulty level: E.

Tour of the lakes (ring from Rifugio Falc). Ascent: 600 m. Length: 6 km. Difficulty level: EE.

Paglio – Pizzo Tre Signori. Ascent: 1170 m. Length: 15,5 km. Difficulty level: EE.

Premana - Valle dei Forni
The route follows the military muletrack up to the Bocchetta di Trona and it starts at the valley floor, nearby the industrial area. You can also reach it on foot from via Risorgimento. After one hour walk, the valley opens up and you pass through the mountain pastures of alpeggi Forno, Casarsa e Vegessa. fornisotto e sopra premana

Upper and lower Alpe Forno

Valle dei Forni - Alpeggio Varrone
Proceeding along the valley you reach an altitude of 1600 m a.s.l.: the vegetation becomes sparse, giving way to the pastures of Alpe Varrone. On the right side of the valley there are the old abandoned iron mines ; the cheesemakers produce the Bitto in the dairy hut.

The dairy hut in Varrone

The cheesemakers produce the Bitto

The cheesemakers produce the Bitto

Alpe Varrone – Rifugio Falc – Pizzo Tre Signori
Right after Varrone you leave the muletrack and continue on a gravelly track… At the spring of torrent Varrone, under the summit with the same name, you must take a sip of the purest water! When you reach the Rifugio Falc you can see Pizzo Trona on the left and Pizzo dei Tre Signori on the right; in the middle there’s lago d’Inferno (“Hell”). Going up Pizzo dei Tre Signori there are some ferrata stretches. The itinerary for Pizzo Trona is more difficult, even dangerous in some stretches. Lago Inferno

Lake Inferno

Rifugio Falk

Rifugio Falk

Tour of the Bitto lakes
From Pizzo Tre Signori you can continue towards the Bocchetta d’Inferno and start the tour of the Bitto lakes: Inferno, Rotondo, Zancone and Trona. The path for bocchetta Paradisino and lake Rotondo is gravelly and some stretches are technical. In the rocky landscape you may see ibexes and marmots. Lago Rotondo

Lake Rotondo

Lago Zancone

Lake Zancone

Instead of starting from Premana you can follow this itinerary. The starting point is at Alpe Paglio. It follows the same track as the itinerario del Giir di Oluc until Laghitt. . Then it continues passing by Santa Rita and bocchetta di Piazzocco. Rifugio S. Rita

Rifugio Santa Rita