Natural landscape and human settlement

Premana: a fascinating combination between natural landscape and human settlement. When you arrive at Piazzo you turn the corner and get surprised everytime by seeing the perched village, with the mountains of Val Fraina in the background.

Only one access road

There’s only one road connecting the Valsassina to Premana: via Taceno, Margno, Casargo and then Piazzo.

You turn the corner and you get surprised everytime by the beauty of Premana: the village, perched on the hill, and the iconic skyline of the mountains of Val Fraina in the background create a beautiful postcard. A postcard.

The huddled together houses, the narrow streets of the old town and the unique elongated shape make Premana look like a beautiful and romantic painting.

Premana da Piazzo
You turn the corner and you get surprised everytime

An authentic and unique atmosphere

The landscape changes colour with the seasons, thanks to the woods of chestnuts, beeches, birches and pine trees. In the large meadows, green in the summer and coppery in the winter, cows, sheep and goats graze freely.

The atmosphere is unique in its calm and authenticity and in the balance between the village and the surrounding landscape.

Sheep at Gebio bridge

The air you breathe is good and fresh, never too hot in the summer, biting in the winter.

The sun shines on the village mostly during spring and summer, while in the winter the fireplaces are lit in the first afternoon.)

The economy of cutting tools

Most of the inhabitants work in Premana, a lot of them in the industrial area in Giabbio, in a chain system where everyone plays a crucial role for the success of the final product: top quality scissors and knives.

It’s interesting to see a crafstman working with hammer and anvil or the grindstone. Premana is a fascinating combination between landscape and human settlement.

artigiano alla mola
Processing of cutting items