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Alpe Varrone

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From Premana to Alpe Varrone by bike

The route follows the military muletrack which starts from the industrial area.

Premana – Forno, Casarsa, Vegessa mountain pastures
The route follows the military muletrack which starts from the valley floor, nearby the industrial area. The road surface is mostly cemented; after about 4 km the valley opens up and you pass by Forno, Casarsa e Vegessa montain pastures. In Vegessa you can find Ristoro Peter. upper and lower Forno

Upper and lower Forno

<em>Pe d’Artiin</em>
From Vegessa to Pe d’Artiin you cover a level road. Further on the route becomes more technical and steeper.   pedartin premana

Pic-nic area at Pe d’Artiin

<em>Fontanoon dal Dent </em>waterfall
A series of steep hairpin bends takes you to an altitude of about 1600 m. From here you can see a waterfall: the ol Fontanoon dal Dent is really beautiful and deserves a stop (so you have an excuse to rest your legs!). Fontanon dal dent premana

Fontanoon dal Dent

Alpe Varrone
After the steepest part, the vegetation becomes sparse, giving way to the pastures. On the right side of the valley there are the old abandoned iron mines; the cheesemakers produce the Bitto in the dairy hut. We have arrived at Alpe Varrone: on the left you can find the Casera Vecchia” mountain refuge always ready to welcome you! Poco prima di sbucare nella vallata di Varrone

The last small mountain before the valley opens up

Alpe Varrone