Ol Conscèi
, la Zoche, la Piazze

The beauty lies in ‘getting lost’ in the narrow streets and enjoying the still atmosphere in time.

Walking in the historic center

Premana’s historic center has much to tell.

It is characterized by narrow streets (
in Premanese), often covered by arcades, interrupted by small squares, each of which was once used for particular functions.

The beauty lies in ‘getting lost’ in the narrow streets and enjoying the still atmosphere in time.

The historic center is the scene of important rituals, such as Corpus Christi or the Ride of the Three Kings, and events such as Premana Revives the Ancient.

From the portek in Barbit we come out onto Borromeo Street.

The Churches

Around the historic center Premana is home to numerous churches, rich in history, frescoes and altars worthy of note: the Parish Church of St. Dionigi, the Church of the Immaculate Conception with frescoes by Tagliaferri, the Church of St. Anthony, and the Church of St. Rocco now used as a theater.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception

Some of the most significant points of the historic Premanese core

Council Square – Ol Conscèi

This was where the council of householders used to meet. The plaza is sloped precisely to recreate the effect of an amphitheater and make the speaker visible to the entire audience.

It is a place of meeting and ritual, where the Cavalcade of the Three Kings stops for singing: thanks to the acoustics of the place, that of the Council Square is one of the most fascinating stops in the procession.

Within walking distance is La Peppa Pizzeria Restaurant.

Council Square - Ol Conscèi

La Zoche

Zoche is the dialect term for the large cavity that formed from excavations aimed atextracting sand for construction. Around the ‘crater’ were built dwellings founded on arched subporches. At one time, the zoche was exploited for the slaughter of each individual family’s pig.

La Zoche

The Squares

At the Piazze, above the Zoche, was the bakery in which rye bread and milk cake, typical of Preman, were baked, while the boys played and the housewives chatted among themselves. On the occasion of Premana Revives the Ancient, the old oven is put back into operation.

la-piazze premana
The Squares