Refuges and refreshments

“It’s a must stop to taste the typical dishes of the area.”

Excursions and gastronomy

Premana’s territorial offerings are enriched by its gastronomic offerings: on the mountains surrounding the town, there are numerous refuges and refreshments available to hikers and bikers. It is a must to stop at one of them to taste local dishes, have a cold or hot drink with friends and relax after the walk.

For each shelter and refreshment, we recommend contacting in advance to check the opening period and to reserve your table.

Giabi Refreshment

c/o Via Giabbio, along the dirt road from the industrial area up to the Forni Valley. Find out about hiking to the Forni Valley.

Contact: +39 346 082 3896

Facebook: Ristoro Giabi

Ristoro Giabi
Ristoro Giabi
Rist Premaniga premana
Alpine Premaniga refreshment bar

Peter Refreshment

At Alpe Vegessa in the Forni valley.

Check out the map and download the trail for the hike in the Forni Valley.

Excursion to PIzzo Tre Signori.

Contact: +39 347 108 1839 – +39 338 116 9465

Facebook: Refreshment “Peter” alpe Vegessa

Ristoro Peter in Vegessa
Peter refreshment at Vegessa Alp

Traditional welcome at the Artino alpine hut refreshment stand

Artino alpine hut refreshment

Artino Alp, Forni Valley.

Excursion to the Iron Valley.

Contact: the Malga Artino refreshment house is closed in the 2023 season.

Ristoro Malga Artino
Malga Artino alpine hut refreshment stand

Casera Vecchia di Varrone Refuge

Alpe Varrone, Forni Valley.

Hiking route to Pizzo Tre Signori.

Contact: +39 0341 188 1142 ; +39 320 093 8346 ; +39 333 217 6114.

Facebook: Casera Vecchia di Varrone Refuge

The Casera Vecchia refuge on the Varrone plain

Arial Refuge

Arial Alp

Hiking route to Ariale and Chiarino.

Contact: +39 345 464 8705

Facebook: Ariaal Refuge

Malga Ariale
Refuge Arial on the slopes of Piz D'Alben

Eating in the mountains: the way it used to be!

Eating in the mountains: the way it used to be!