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Rasga Fraina Caprecolo

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Val Fraina’s mountain pastures: Rasga, Caprecolo, Fraina

A hidden valley with three beautiful mountain pastures. It’s the perfect itinerary for families and for trained bikers.

Distance and difference in level

Premana – Rasga. Ascent: 200 m. Length: 3,5 km. Difficulty level: T.
Premana – Caprecolo. Ascent: 470 m. Length: 5 km. Difficulty level: T.
Premana – Fraina. Ascent: 440 Length: 5,2 km. Difficulty level: T.

PS: the downloadable track continues beyond the mountain pastures to reach Mount Rotondo.

Alpe Rasga and Alpe Caprecolo
The military muletrack starts at the eastern end of Premana and follows the narrow Val Fraina, goes by Alpe Rasga and splits further on, nearby Caprecolo. Bridge at Alpe Rasga

Bridge at Alpe Rasga


"Casine" di Caprecolo

Casine at Alpe Caprecolo

Alpe Fraina
If you stay on the muletrack (instead of going to Caprecolo), the muletrack takes you to the mountain pasture of Fraina. (Photo: Alpe Fraina) Alpe Fraina

Alpe Fraina