Mount Rotondo and Colombana

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Mount Rotondo and Colombana

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From Premana to Mount Rotondo

Through the narrow Fraina valley you go up to Bocchetta di Stavello and further up to Mount Rotondo (2495 m a.s.l.) A second itinerary brings you to Bocchetta Colombana passing by the mountain pasture of Fraina.

Distance and difference in level

Premana – Mount Rotondo. Ascent: 1520 m. Length: 11 km. Difficulty level: E.

Premana – Bocchetta di Colombana. Ascent: 1100 m. Length: 10 km. Difficulty level: E.

Premana - Monte Rotondo
A military muletrack starts at the eastern end of Premana and follows the narrow Fraina valley: after having passed by the cmountain pastures Rasga it splits nearby Alpe Caprecolo. Going up on the left side of the valley you can reach Bocchetta di Stavello (where there are the ruins of a blockhouse of the Cadorna Line). The path continues on the slope up to Mount Rotondo (2495 m a.s.l.).   Alpeggio Fraina soliva

Alpe Fraina


Bocchetta di Stavello: ruins of the military blockhouse

Fraina – Bocchetta di Colombana
If you choose the itinerary which follows the Val Fraina, the muletrack will lead you to the mountain pasture with the same name (Fraina). Going up the right side of the valley, in the woods, in some stretches you cover what remains of a secondary military route which connected the valley to the Cadorna Line. After a while you reach Ciarel Quadro, where you can fill up your bottles with pure water. On the right you go up to Bocchetta di Larec (towards Varrone). On the left, the military road goes up to Bocchetta di Colombana. (Photo: fountain at Alpe Fraina) (Photo: the geometric route for Colombana)  

Fountain at Alpe Fraina

  Strada militare per Colombana

The geometric route for Colombana


Alpe Fraina

Bocchetta Colombana