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Premaniga and Solino

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From Premana to Premaniga and Solino by mountain bike or e-bike

From via Martiri di Cefalonia take the agro-forestry-pastoral road which brings you to Alpe Premaniga in a series of hairpin bends in the woods. Right before Premaniga a detour on the left goes up to Solino. For e-bikers or trained bikers.

Distance and difference in level

Premana – Premaniga. Ascent: 400 m. Length: 4 km. Difficulty level: T.
Premana - Descol, Pezzapraa
Starting from the top of Premana (via Martiri di Cefalonia), follow the agro-forestry-pastoral road which goes by some pastures: Descol, Pezzapraa, Mosnich are small groups of buildings which used to host the livestock during winter. descol premana

Rural buildings at Descol with Pizzo Tre Signori on the background


La Casine at Pezzapraa

Pezzapraa - Premaniga
Going on after Pezzapraa, in a few minutes you reach a small chapel and then the mountain pasture of Premaniga, one of the biggest ones. Here you can have something to eat and drink at the Bar ristoro alpe Premaniga. La cappelletta a Premaniga

The small chapel in Premaniga

Si entra a Premaniga


Il ristoro a Premaniga

Bar Ristoro Alpe Premaniga

Premaniga - Solino
Right before Premaniga you can continue on the left by taking the agro-forestry-pastoral road for Solino, on a steep stretch of dirt patch (suitable for e-bikes or trained bikers). After the rural buildings of the mountain pasture you arrive at Piazzool da Soliin: : a beautiful 360° vantage point with a breathtaking view. Solino premana   Piazzool da Soliin

Piazzool da Soliin: during winter