Produced by the Municipality of Premana, with the valuable collaboration of the young volunteers in Pro Loco, this website has benefited from the valuable contribution of many enthusiasts of our places.

For published photographs and videos, thanks are due:

Andrea Gianola, Benedetto Codega, Elia Gianola, Fausto Berera, Giovanni Bellati, Giovanni Sanelli, Marcello Fazzini, Maria Fazzini, Mirko Fazzini, Moreno Fazzini, Noemi Gianola, Severino Fazzini, Michele Gianola (Bruno), Marco Pomoni, Virna Lizzoli, Ramona Fazzini, Adelio Bebo Fazzini, Alessandro Sanelli, Alessia Bergamini.

For tracks and maps:

For the work of compiling the maps and tracks on Openstreetmap we thank Adelio Bebo Fazzini for his valuable work.