Caprecolo, Premaniga, Casarsa, Fraina, Barconcelli…

On the mountain pastures the sense of community and the attachment are very strong.

A gathering place

Until a few years ago the mountain pastures were places of shelter for shepherds and animals; today they are a gathering place for Premana’s people, especially during summer.

The sense of community and attachment is really strong.

Every Mont (“mountain pasture” in premanese dialect) has its association and its president (“capo alpe”) in order to manage the common spaces.

Every “alpeggio” has a common farmstead which was once used for milking and milk processing; today it’s the usual gathering point for the “alpigiani”.

Thanks to these habits, Premana was able to preserve its traditions and to take care of the mountain territory.

Alpeggio Casarsa

Grazing animals

Every premanese feels part of the community of its Alpeggio and often there are fun squabbles about which “alpeggio” is the best.

Obviously there is never an agreed conclusion!

In many mountain pastures there are stilll grazing animals (cows and goats) and it’s possible to buy dairy products.

The sound of cowbells is the typical background from June to September and it marks the beginning of summer.

In addition to this sound, in many mountain pastures there’s also the sound of the stream flowing.

Ponte Barconcelli
Grazing goats at Barconcelli bridge

A paradise for children

Green meadows and fresh air create a paradise for children, who can have fun without danger; it’s a beautiful idea to have a picnic here on the weekend.

In some “alpeggi” you can find family-run “ristori”.

All the mountain pastures are linked (between them and to Premana) by a network of dirt roads, muletracks and paths.

Lavandere Barconcelli
Wash basin in Barconcelli

Alpe Deleguaggio


Closer to Premana and easily accessible you can find the Lööch, places which hosted cattlesheds and haylofts where the animals stayed during winter. They are surrounded by green meadows and they are perfect for an afternoon outdoor with your family!

porcile a premana

Our alpeggi

Northern-Western side (above Premana)

Deleguaggio (1.690 mslm)

Piancalada (1.480 mslm)

Solino (1.600 mslm)

Premaniga (1.400 mslm)

Val Fraina

Rasga (1.090 mslm)

Caprecolo (1.360 mslm)

Fraina (1.395 mslm)

Val Varrone

Forno di Sotto e di Sopra (1.200 mlsm)

Casarsa (1.180 mslm)

Vegessa (1.200 mslm)

Barconcelli (1.415 mslm)

Pizzo Dalben

Chiarino (1.560 mslm)

The “Grest” and the mountain pastures’ songs

In the past years children who attended Grest (Gruppo Estate- “summer group”) were asked to compose a song for each mountain pasture.

Every Alpeggio has now its own song.


Holidays in Barconcelli:

Solino ’82:

Rasga ’85:

Rasga ’84:

Premaniga ’85:

Premaniga ’84:

Premaniga ’82:


Pancalada Solino:

Deleguaggio ’85:

Deleguaggio ’84:

Deleguaggio ’83:

Chiarino ’85:

Chiarino ’84:

Casarsa ’85:

Casarsa ’83:

Caprecolo ’85:

Caprecolo ’84:

Barconcelli ’85:

Barconcelli ’84: