Pizzo Alto, Mount Legnone, Pizzo Tre Signori…

Going up is something we do everyday, in the beautiful journey of Life. And when we reach the summit… only the heart knows how close we are to the great love which created it. We are happy to introduce you to Pizzo Alto, Mount Legnone, Pizzo Tre Signori…

Mount Legnone

At an altitude of 2609 m a.s.l., Mount Legnone stands in its majesty between Val Varrone and Valtellina, with Lugano and Como lakes in the background.

From the Valtellina Guide by CAI Sondrio (II edition, 1884):”the endless view of Legnone hugs the whole Alps chain from Ortler to Monviso and a large part of the Po valley from the Prealps to the Appennines. To the north the Mera and Liro valleys until Spluga; to the east Valtellina; to the south Valsassina; to the West Lake Como, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore. You can see the Milan Cathedral with the naked eye “.

Discover the itinerary to reach the summit of Mount Legnone.

Legnone Premana
the endless view from Mount Legnone

Mount Legnone: stands in its majesty between Val Varrone and Valtellina,

Pizzo Alto

Pizzo Alto is a summit which stands proudly between Legnone and Mont Rotondo, at an altitude of 2512 m a.s.l.

When the sky is clear Pizzo Alto offers an extraordinary view. Discover the itinerary to reach the summit of Pizzo Alto.

The Cross on top of Pizzo Alto

Mount Rotondo

Mount Rotondo rises at an altitude of 2496 m a.s.l. between Val Fraina and Valtellina. It is round-shaped (“Rotondo” means round) and on top there’s not the usual Cross but a superlative statue of Virgin Mary facing to the sky: it reminds us that every summit we reach on Earth is nothing but another step towards the mystery of divine. Discover the itinerary to reach the summit of Mount Rotondo.

monte-rotondo premana
The statue of Virgin Mary on top of Mount Rotondo

winter panoramic view from the topo of Mount Rotondo

winter panoramic view from the topo of Mount Rotondo

Cima Fraina or Mount Colombana

At an altitude of 2288 m a.s.l., on the chain between Val Gerola and Val Fraina, we find Mount Colombana. It’s one of the lowest and less difficult summit to reach, but it offers a beautiful view on Val Fraina, with Premana in the background. On the top we find a Cross with a small statue of Virgin Mary. Discover the itinerary to reach the summit of Mount Colombana.

Cima Fraina
The Cross with the small statue of Virgin Mary at Mount Colombana

Pizzo Melàsc

Between Val Gerola and Val Varrone, the Melàsc peak is not super easy to reach but the path is incredibly panoramic: once you reach Bocchetta di Larécc, follow the crest towards Pizzo Tre Signori. Its peak, at an altitude of 2465 m a.s.l., offers an outstanding view: among the others, you can see Pizzo Badile, Cengalo, Disgrazia, Bernina and Palù.

Melasc premana
The path on the crest towards Melasc

Pizzo Cavallo

“Cavallo” means horse: as a matter of fact, the peak looks like the back of a horse. It lies on the ridge between Val Fraina and Valle dei Forni, at an altitude of 2019 m a.s.l. The path goes up from Val Fraina (on the right side) and it is suggested only to experienced excursionists because the last stretch which takes you to the ridge is quite difficult.

La croce del Pizzo Cavallo
The Cross at Pizzo Cavallo

Trona, Dente, Pizzo Tre Signori.

Pizzo Tre Signori: the summit

Pizzo Trona

At an altitude of 2510 m a.s.l., 40 meters lower than Pizzo Tre Signori, this soaring pyramid above Lake Inferno offers great views and more stimulating ascents for those who want to “put their hands on the rock”. From the top you can enjoy an evocative view on the 4 lakes: Inferno, Trona, Zancone and Rotondo. It is a difficult itinerary with many equipped stretches, only for experienced excursionists.

Trona premana
From the left: Pizzo Trona, Dente and Pizzo Tre Signori)

Pizzo Tre Signori

Pizzo Tre Signori: the beautiful summit of the Orobic Alps, at an altitude of 2554 m a.s.l., point of contact between Val Gerola (Valtellina), Val Brembana (Bergamo) and Valsassina (Lecco). As the name evokes, (Tre Signori means “Three Men”) the peak has been for centuries the geographical point of division between three political jurisdictions: a long time ago between the State of Milan, The Republic of Venice and the Republic of the Three Leagues in the Helvetic Confederation (when Valtellina was part of it).

Discover the itinerary to reach the summit of Pizzo Tre Signori.

The summit of Pizzo Tre Signori from lake Sasso

Pizzo d’Alben

From the top of Pizzo d’Alben, above Alpe Chiarino, you can enjoy an original and beautiful view on Premana and the Valvarrone. At an altitude of 1867 m a.s.l., Pizzo d’Alben is accessible through a non difficult but steep path.

piz dalben Premana
Pizzo d’Alben: the Cross between the rhododendrons)

The Pizzo summit when the sky is clear the view from Pizzo Alto is outstanding.